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American Apparel returns to UK with online store 14 Apr 5:39am American Apparel returns to UK with online store
The Independent
The new all-female board say they are putting an end to the overly sexualised images
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14 Apr 3:00am Beauty: the only eyeshadow you’ll need for spring
The Guardian
It makes no sense to blend powders when your eyes are going to be hidden by sunglasses It’s generally at this time of year that I send eyeshadow on sabbatical. Cheerful lip colour seems more seasonal, and my time is much better spent enjoying the light evenings with half a shandy than blending together several shades of powder shadow that will mostly be obscured by sunglasses. Complex looks seem fussy against a spring backdrop, so out go the quad palettes and in comes a single brown shadow, worn almost daily. A single, natural-looking, earthy shade on my eyelids (up to a fraction beyond the socket line) gives some definition and depth without looking effortful. My favourite tool for the job is
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